DeepRibo: browse model predictions

S. typhimurium (3,474 positive predictions)

E. coli (2,999 positive predictions)

C. crescentus (2,203 positive predictions)

M. smegmatis (4,607 positive predictions)

B. subtilis (2,779 positive predictions)

S. coelicolor (1,359 positive predictions)

S. aureus (852 positive predictions)

DISCLAIMER: For each organism, a model has been trained using the ribosome profiling data from the other five datasets. Afterwards, the trained model is used to make predictions on the listed dataset. As the model gives probability scores, the cut-off to differentiate positive vs. negative predictions is set as to obtain an equal amount of positive predictions as to the amount of positively annotated genes in the test set. These predictions are visualised using the GWIPS-viz browser. More information is given in the full article and the GitHub repository.

Multiple tracks are visualised: