Journal Papers (ISI)

Biblio logo(3) Altered intravenous drug disposition in people living with cystic fibrosis: A meta-analysis integrating top-down and bottom-up data
P.J. De Sutter, M. Van Haeverbeke, E. Van Braeckel, S. Van Biervliet, J. Van Bocxlaer, A. Vermeulen and E. Gasthuys
Biblio logo(2) Equivalent electrical circuits and their use across electrochemical impedance spectroscopy application domains
M. Van Haeverbeke, M. Stock and B. De Baets
(2022) IEEE ACCESS. 10, 51363-51379.
Biblio logo(1) Hydraulics and beyond: a review on water potential as pivotal driver of physiological processes in plant models
T. De Swaef, O. Pieters, S. Appeltans, I. Borra-Serrano, W. Coudron, V. Couvreur, S. Garré, P. Lootens, B. Nicolaï, L. Pols, C. Saint Cast, J. Šalagovič, M. Van Haeverbeke, M. Stock and F. wyffels
(2022) IN SILICO PLANTS. 4, 1-28.