MSc Graduates

Name Title Date
W. DemuynckTowards an integrated pandemic model to inform policymakers - Quantifying the life years lost due to long-COVID and postponed healthcare during the 2020-2021 SARS-CoV-2 pandemic2022 - 2023
H. JaspaertModelling ecological higher-order interactions and their effect on invasions2022 - 2023
A. MerckxThe art of summarising: looking for informative statistics to calibrate agent-based models2021 - 2022
S. OmarVochtdynamiek van biogebaseerde bouwmaterialen als levensduurbepalende parameter2019 - 2020
L. Van WaerebeekHow do temperature-nitrate interactions shape the sensitivity of a brown seaweed to global warming?2019 - 2020
T. De NoodCellular automata for simulation of water transport in variably saturated soil2017 - 2018
I. Van BeverRuimtelijk discrete modellering van oppervlakkige afvoer in het Bulskampveld2017 - 2018
Z. Van MoerkerkeExploring the link between competition structure and long-term coexistence in in silico communities2017 - 2018
J. VerwiltModelling of Myxococcus xanthus populations and functional analysis of Pxr small RNA putative targets in Myxococcus xanthus2017 - 2018
K. CoorevitsThe spread of myxomatosis in Belgium: A model-based reconstruction2016 - 2017
L. De VisscherTowards a real-time dynamic wildfire simulator for Belgium2016 - 2017
W. QuaghebeurIndividual-based modelling of biodiversity in microbial communities2016 - 2017
A. DepickerRisk analysis and spatio-temporal modeling of wildfires in Belgium2015 - 2016
S. VriensEen habitatgeschiktheidskaart voor de oehoe: kennisgebaseerde versus datagedreven modellering2015 - 2016
T. DepraetereTransient coexistence in non-deterministic cyclic species competition2014 - 2015
M. GhijsSpatio-temporal modeling of filter cake formation in membrane bioreactors2013 - 2014
A. GistelinckEnhanced spatio-temporal modelling of basal water beneath ice sheets2013 - 2014
R. Van de VijverEen experimentele studie van gekoppelde, niet-lineaire chemische oscillatoren2013 - 2014
W. Van der MeerenStability of stochastic cellular automata2013 - 2014
A. KeunenSpatio-temporele, datagedreven modellering van natuurbranden2012 - 2013
N. VanheuverbekeDatagedreven modellering van dierenmigratie aan de hand van brownse bruggen2012 - 2013
L. De PauwEffect of pile driving on the seasonal and geographical distribution of the harbour porpoise (Phocoena Phocoena) in the Belgian part of the North Sea0 - 0