Date Title
25/04/2024Doctoral degree for Nicolas Dewolf
13/12/2023Doctoral degree for Pieter Dewulf
21/11/2023Doctoral degree for Yafei Cheng
17/11/2023Doctoral degree for Dimitrios Iliadis
14/11/2023Doctoral degree for Baoying Zhu
19/10/2023Doctoral degree for Dimitri Boeckaerts
21/09/2023Bernard De Baets elected AAIA Fellow
24/07/20232022 National Award of the Academy of Sciences of Cuba
24/07/2023Doctoral degree for Leonardo Felipe dos Santos Scabini
07/07/2023Doctoral degree for Maxime Van Haeverbeke
23/06/2023Doctoral degree for Thomas Mortier
20/05/2023Doctoral degree for Feiqiang Liu
05/05/2023Doctoral degree for Soria Delva
17/02/2023Doctoral degree for Giles Hanley-Cook
11/01/2023Doctoral degree for Ward Quaghebeur
18/11/2022Nathan Muyinda, first KERMIT PhD graduate at GUGC
29/09/2022Shauny Van Hoye wins the BioLizard award
23/09/2022Best Poster Award for Dimitri Boeckaerts
20/09/2022Doctoral degree for Jorn Van de Velde
22/04/2022Three degrees at UNIMORE
20/04/2022Doctoral degree for Amna Qayyum, first HEC scholarschip holder
28/02/2022Chen Wang receives first joint PhD degree with a Chinese university
08/02/2022Doctoral degree for Olivier Pieters
11/01/2022Doctoral degree for Dailé Avila Alonso
17/12/2021Doctoral degree for David Vanavermaete
22/09/2021Honorary EUSFLAT Membership for Bernard De Baets
14/09/2021Doctoral degree for Mengzi Tang
08/08/2021Best Poster Award for Ward Quaghebeur
15/07/2021Doctoral degree for Norelhouda Bakri
02/03/2021Online PhD defense of Liselotte De Ligne
26/11/2020Live defense of Yexing Dan in Wuhan, a sign of hope amid COVID-19 pandemic
14/11/2020KERMIT supports Belgian COVID-19 modelling efforts
24/09/2020Doctoral degree for Jim Clauwaert
10/07/2020Research of Steff Taelman on the cover of "Scriptiekrant"
17/03/2020Bernard De Baets on the cover of Mathware & Soft Computing
21/12/2019Steff Taelman nominated for the EOS prize
01/12/2019Bernard De Baets appointed Professor Extraordinarius at UNISA
19/11/2019Doctoral degree for Gang Wang
08/11/2019Best Thesis Abstract Nomination for Gang Wang
31/10/2019Adam Dzedzej, first PhD graduate at the University of Gdańsk
26/09/2019Doctoral degree for Jasper Beernaerts
24/09/2019Doctoral degree for Peter Rubbens
11/09/2019EUSFLAT Scientific Excellence Award for Bernard De Baets
29/08/2019Marc Sader, first Lebanese PhD graduate of KERMIT
28/05/2019Joint doctoral degree for Gisele Helena Miranda Barboni
10/05/20192018 National Award of the Academy of Sciences of Cuba
23/04/2019Bac Nguyen Cong, first Vietnamese PhD graduate of KERMIT
27/03/2019March brings two new PhD graduates
04/02/2019Oral Presentation Award for Dimitri Boeckaerts at NSABS 2019
19/01/2019EOS-prize 2018 goes to Sarah Vanbesien
03/12/2018Raúl Pérez-Fernández wins 2018 Premio Extraordinario de Doctorado
27/11/2018Michiel Stock interviewed for URGENT.FM
23/11/2018Three master alumni nominated for ie-net-prizes 2018, one winning public prize
29/10/20182018 Prize of the Rector of the Czech University of Life Sciences Prague
26/10/2018Michiel Stock wins public prize TEDxGhent PhD contest
05/10/2018Double Ph.D. degree for female KERMIT researchers
01/10/2018Jan Verwaeren joins KERMIT as assistant professor
28/09/2018Sarah Vanbesien in De Vlaamse ScriptieKrant and Metro
21/09/2018Best Student Paper Award for Jasper Beernaerts
26/06/2018José De Jesús Arias García, first Mexican PhD graduate of KERMIT
01/06/2018Doctoral degree for Beḳir Çetintav
18/05/2018Doctoral degree voor Wenwen Zong
30/04/2018Ron Cockcroft Award and Gareth Williams Award for Liselotte De Ligne
08/03/2018Best Poster Presentation Award for Michiel Stock
27/10/2017Cuban Minister of Higher Education confers Bernard De Baets as 'Profesor Invitado'
18/10/2017Doctoral degree for Aisling Daly
04/10/2017Doctoral degree for Laura De Miguel Turullols
04/10/2017Public University of Navarre turns 30
02/10/2017Michiel Stock reaches the Flemish PhD Cup Final
01/10/2017Jan Baetens joins KERMIT as assistant professor with a focus on scientific research
19/09/2017Stijn Decubber wins Quetelet prize
16/09/2017Best Student Paper Award for Laura De Miguel
Best Student Paper Award Nomination for Gang Wang
07/09/2017Michiel Stock selected for the Flemish PhD Cup
11/08/2017KERMIT in the news: the Dodentocht
04/06/2017Richard J. Ziobro Award for Liselotte De Ligne
01/06/2017Doctoral degree for Hassane Bouremel
26/05/2017The University of Turku confers Bernard De Baets as honorary doctor
12/05/2017Joint doctoral degree for Raúl Pérez-Fernández
21/04/2017Doctoral degree for Michiel Stock
10/02/2017Doctoral degree for Guillermo Vidal-Diez de Ulzurrun
19/12/2016Doctoral degree for Yuanyuan Liu
12/12/2016Gold medal for student entry at the iGEM competition in Boston
17/11/2016Former Master student nominated for ie-net prizes 2016
30/10/2016Gang Wang wins Image Denoising Competition
27/09/2016Doctoral degree for Joris Van den Bossche
20/09/2016KERMIT in the news
16/05/2016Ron Cockcroft Award for Guillermo Vidal-Diez de Ulzurrun
29/01/2016Doctoral degree for Arne De Coninck
19/01/2016Doctoral degree for Azzedine Kheniche
08/09/2015KERMIT in the Brazilian news
08/09/2015Best Student Paper Award Nominations for Laura De Miguel and Raúl Pérez-Fernández
08/09/2015Best PhD Thesis Award for Tarad Jwaid
08/09/2015KERMIT in De Morgen
04/09/2015Doctoral Degree for Giulia Gonnelli
12/01/2015Doctoral Degree for Damiano Oldoni
05/12/2014Doctoral degree for Michaël Vyverman
01/12/2014Doctoral degree for Seyed Hossein Chavoshi
10/09/2014Doctoral degree for Pieter Van der Weeën
08/09/2014Doctoral degree for Tarad Jwaid
18/08/20142015 IEEE CIS Outstanding TFS Paper Award
24/07/2014Doctoral degree for Davide Martinetti
23/06/2014Doctoral degree for Jan Verwaeren
07/02/2014Best Communication Award for Arne De Coninck
29/01/2014Doctoral Degree for Joaquin Miguel Castro Montoya
21/12/2013Oral Presentation Prize for Giulia Gonnelli
19/12/2013Doctoral Degree for Steven Freson
25/11/2013Doctoral Degree for Wim De Smet
31/10/2013MIMOS Prestigious Award 2013 for Muhammad Zaini Ahmad
01/10/2013Former post-doc Willem Waegeman appointed Professor
16/09/2013Second Prize in Student Awards for Pieter Van der Weeën
16/09/2013Nomination for Best Student Paper Award for Tarad Jwaid
30/07/2013Best Paper Award for Tarad Jwaid
16/04/2013Doctoral Degree for Jasper Van doninck
08/04/2013Doctoral Degree for Muhammad Zaini Ahmad
07/01/2013PhD position: Mathematical microbial resource management
19/12/2012Bernard De Baets nominated for the 2012 Ghent University Prometheus Award for Research
10/12/2012Doctoral Degree for Ivan Stefanov
12/11/2012Doctoral Degree for Sofie Landschoot
08/10/2012Doctoral Degree for Ellen Colman
20/09/2012Doctoral Degree for Sander Vandenberghe
27/08/2012Best Paper Award for Willem Waegeman
17/08/2012Second Winner Award for Willem Waegeman
17/08/2012Progeno spin-off launches October 1, 2012
31/07/2012Doctoral Degree for Carlos López-Molina
26/07/2012Third Place at the COST Green Engineering Camp
05/07/2012Doctoral Degree for Bert Verslyppe
22/06/2012Doctoral Degree for Ward Blondé
15/05/2012Doctoral Degree for Sofie Van Landeghem
03/04/2012Doctoral Degree for Jan Baetens
17/02/2012BeneLearn 2012
17/02/2012Best Paper Award for Carlos López-Molina
08/01/2012PhD position in modelling and analysing pedestrian flows
10/11/2011Doctoral Degree for Karolien Scheerlinck
02/07/2011Best Poster Award for Katrijn Cierkens
16/06/2011Bernard De Baets elected IFSA Fellow
16/06/2011Doctoral Degree for Serife Yilmaz
13/05/2011Doctoral Degree for Dongmei Xue
07/11/2010Best Paper Award for Karolien Scheerlinck
31/10/2010PhD position in intelligent computing
12/09/2010Best Poster Award for Bert Verslyppe
11/07/2010Doctoral Degree for Veerle Gevaert
25/04/2010Doctoral Degree for Steven Maenhout
19/12/2009Best Young Scientist Poster Award for Sander Vandenberghe
19/12/2009Doctoral Degree for Karel De Loof
08/12/2009Doctoral Degree for Bram Slabbinck
30/09/2009Doctoral Degree for Erick Antezana
21/09/2009Post-doc Eveline Volcke appointed Professor
14/08/2009Doctoral Degree for Michaël Rademaker
20/07/2009Best Student Paper Award for Jan Baetens
05/05/2009Doctoral Degree for Brecht Donckels
07/01/2009TaxonGap 2.4
02/01/2009Doctoral Degree for Petra Claeys
28/11/2008PhD position: Master in Bioscience Engineering
28/11/2008PhD position: Master in Bioscience Engineering
30/10/2008Doctoral Degree for Willem Waegeman
15/09/2008Doctoral Degree for Jan Peters
23/06/2008Doctoral Degree for Ans Mouton
16/06/2008Poster Awards for Bram Slabbinck and Bert Verslyppe
26/09/2007Best Student Paper Award for Koen C. Maes
14/03/2007Mission Statement
01/01/2007Bernard De Baets appointed Co-Editor-in-Chief of Fuzzy Sets and Systems
04/09/2006Honorary Professorship for Bernard De Baets
06/06/2006First Place in the Top Five Student Paper Awards for Ester Van Broekhoven