PhD Graduates

Name Title Date
N. DewolfA comparative study of conformal prediction methods for valid uncertainty quantification in machine learning25/04/2024
P. DewulfExploiting data compositionality using tensor products and hyperdimensional computing13/12/2023
Y. ChengA study of the distributivity and modularity of several vertical implications and aggregation functions21/11/2023
D. IliadisAutomated multi-target prediction with two-branch neural networks17/11/2023
B. ZhuMeasurement and improvement strategies of high-quality development level of China’s marine economy14/11/2023
D. BoeckaertsPredicting and understanding phage-host interactions with machine learning tools based on phage receptor-binding proteins19/10/2023
L. ScabiniPatterns and randomness in networks for computer vision: from graphs to neural networks 24/07/2023
M. Van HaeverbekeAdvances in impedimetric modelling of electrochemical systems in engineering and the life sciences07/07/2023
F. LiuImage super-resolution based on deep learning20/05/2023
S. DelvaResponding to a warming ocean: a case study of the brown seaweed Dictyota dichotoma05/05/2023
G. Hanley-CookDietary (bio)diversity: quantification, validation, and public health recommendations17/02/2023
W. QuaghebeurHybrid models of dynamical systems: neural differential equations, Shapley value analysis, and illustrations in water systems11/01/2023
N. MuyindaExploring the dynamics of ecological species in intransitive competition networks18/11/2022
J. Van de VeldeBias adjustment of climate model outputs for the stochastic generation of meteorological variables and river discharge20/09/2022
L. GambarelliAssessing market risk in the EU 22/04/2022
A. QuayyumA qualitative representation of moving point configurations with illustrations in micro traffic analysis20/04/2022
C. WangDiscriminative metric learning for scene recognition based on deep features28/02/2022
D. Avila AlonsoMarine phytoplankton response to environmental stressors associated with climate change11/01/2022
D. VanavermaeteExploring and exploiting genetic variation for balancing short- and long-term genetic gains in plant breeding17/12/2021
M. TangMachine learning methods for ordinal classification with absolute and relative information14/09/2021
N. BakriClosures and openings of ternary relations15/07/2021
L. De LigneFungal susceptibility of bio-based building materials02/03/2021
Y. DanOn the construction of four types of associative aggregation operators on bounded lattices26/11/2020
G. WangAutomated image analysis using Gaussian-based convolutional kernels and deep convolutional networks 19/11/2019
A. DzedzejMulti-state two-dimensional number-conserving cellular automata31/10/2019
J. BeernaertsThe use of the Qualitative Trajectory Calculus in sports analytics26/09/2019
M. SaderCombining absolute and relative evaluations for determining sensory food quality: analysis and prediction29/08/2019
G.H. Barboni MirandaTowards spatially explicit modeling on networks: understanding patterns & describing processes​28/05/2019
O. BarkatCompatibility of ternary relations with binary fuzzy relations04/05/2019
B. Nguyen CongSupervised distance metric learning for pattern recognition23/04/2019
E. Van de VijverDevelopment of IPM tools for the management of Oulema beetles in winter wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)29/03/2019
H. ZhanCross-migrativity and modularity of binary operations in the context of the study of uninorms27/03/2019
S. YangApproaches to feature selection based on quantitative dominance-based rough sets22/11/2018
S. Van NieulandAnalysis and modeling of biological movement phenomena based on telemetric observations05/10/2018
J.J. Arias GarcíaA kaleidoscopic view of multivariate copulas and quasi-copulas26/06/2018
B. ÇetintavStatistical inference based on ranked set sampling01/06/2018
W. ZongOn the structure and migrativity of associative aggregation functions​18/05/2018
A.J. DalyPutting ecological theories to the test: individual-based simulations of synthetic microbial community dynamics18/10/2017
L. De MiguelComputing with uncertain truth degrees: a convolution-based approach04/10/2017
H. BouremelClonal sets of a binary relation: theory and applications01/06/2017
R. Pérez-FernándezMonotonicity-based consensus states for the monometric rationalization of ranking rules with application in decision making12/05/2017
M. StockExact and efficient algorithms for pairwise learning21/04/2017
G. Vidal-Diez de UlzurrunFungal growth modelling and assessment: towards a three-dimensional spatially explicit fungal growth model10/02/2017
Y. LiuResearch on fuzzy QFD by taking the compensation mechanism among customer requirements into account19/12/2016
J. Van den BosscheTowards high spatial resolution air quality mapping: a methodology to assess street-level exposure based on mobile monitoring27/09/2016
A. De ConinckHigh-performance computing for large-scale genomic prediction29/01/2016
A. KhenicheCompatibility of fuzzy relations19/01/2016
G. GonnelliOn the assessment of the reliability of peptide-to-spectrum matches in Mass-Spectrometry-based proteomics04/09/2015
C.K. LimInterval-valued fuzzy inference mechanisms based on the Bandler-Kohout subproduct26/03/2015
D. OldoniComputational modelling for soundscape analysis inspired by human auditory perception and its application in monitoring networks12/01/2015
M. VyvermanALFALFA: fast and accurate mapping of long next generation sequencing reads05/12/2014
H.S. ChavoshiNew directions in the analysis of movement patterns in space and time01/12/2014
P. Van der WeeënMeso-scale modelling of reaction-diffusion processes using cellular automata10/09/2014
T. JwaidSemi-linear and semi-quadratic conjunctive aggregation functions08/09/2014
D. MartinettiFuzzy and probabilistic approaches to individual choice and preference: rationality conditions and their relationships24/07/2014
J. VerwaerenMathematical optimization methods for the analysis of compositional data: subset selection, unmixing and prediction23/06/2014
J.C. MontoyaThe potential of batch in vitro simulations and milk fatty acids to assess rumen methane mitigation29/01/2014
S. FresonTransitive closures and openings of reciprocal relations19/12/2013
W. De SmetExplicit sequence-culture-strain-taxon links in StrainInfo and their role in quality assessment and assurance25/11/2013
J. Van doninckRemotely sensed soil moisture proxies with application to modelling the spatial distribution of C. imicola16/04/2013
M. Zaini AhmadNumerical method for computing fuzzy-valued functions and its applications to differential equations17/12/2012
I. StefanovThe potential of vibrational spectroscopy techniques to determine minor milk fatty acids10/12/2012
S. LandschootPrediction of Fusarium head blight and deoxynivalenol content in winter wheat with regression-based learning algorithms12/11/2012
E. ColmanMilk fatty acids as biomarkers of subacute ruminal acidosis in dairy cows08/10/2012
S. VandenbergheCopula-based models for generating design rainfall20/09/2012
C. López-MolinaThe breakdown structure of edge detection: Analysis of individual components and revisit of the overall structure 31/07/2012
B. VerslyppeStrainInfo: from microbial information to microbiological knowledge05/07/2012
W. BlondéMetarel, an ontology facilitating advanced querying of biomedical knowledge22/06/2012
S. Van LandeghemPlaying hide and seek on the genomic playground: unveiling biological function from literature 27/04/2012
J.M. BaetensDiscrete spatio-temporal modelling paradigms for environmental processes: SWOT analysis, application portfolio and Lyapunovian stability analysis 03/04/2012
K. ScheerlinckMetaheuristic versus tailor-made approaches to optimization problems in the biosciences 10/11/2011
S. YilmazTriangular norms on lattices with given behaviour on irreducible elements16/06/2011
D. XueNitrate source classification in surface water via isotopic fingerprinting 13/05/2011
V. GevaertIntegrated dynamic modelling of the fate of organic priority pollutants in the urban wastewater system 02/07/2010
S. MaenhoutMarker-based prediction of hybrid maize performance using genetic evaluation data 02/04/2010
K. De LoofEfficient computation of rank probabilities in posets18/12/2009
B. SlabbinckFrom learning taxonomies to phylogenetic learning: a computational approach to FAME-based bacterial species identification04/12/2009
E. AntezanaTowards semantic systems biology: biological knowledge management using semantic web technologies 28/09/2009
M. RademakerOptimal resolution of reversed preference in multi-criteria data sets 03/07/2009
B. DonckelsOptimal experimental design to discriminate among rival dynamic mathematical models30/04/2009
P. ClaeysTowards automatic numerical solver selection for hierarchical bioprocess models19/12/2008
W. WaegemanLearning to rank: a ROC-based graph-theoretic approach14/10/2008
J. PetersEcohydrology of wetlands: monitoring and modelling interactions between groundwater, soil and vegetation11/09/2008
A. MoutonA critical analysis of performance criteria for the evaluation and optimisation of fuzzy models for species distribution20/06/2008
K. ZendehdelIncreasing social support for environmental decision making by discursive ordinal multi-criteria valuation18/03/2008
R. SanchezEvaluation of development projects based on multiple intangible criteria: theoretical framework and applications to coca-producing regions of Bolivia14/01/2008
Y. RodriguezGeneralizations of the Value Difference Metric for linguistic variables and their application in knowledge-based systems17/07/2007
K.C. MaesRotation-invariant t-norms16/04/2007
E. Van BroekhovenMonotonicity aspects of linguistic fuzzy models30/03/2007
S. JanssensBell inequalities in cardinality-based similarity measurement18/09/2006
B. De SchuymerComparison of random variables from a game-theoretic perspective03/06/2005
H. VernieuweCluster-based fuzzy models for groundwater flow and rainfall-discharge dynamics13/05/2005
S. DegroeveDesign and evaluation of a linear classification strategy for gene structural element recognition10/12/2004
S. DiazDecomposition of transitivity in additive preference structures12/11/2004
V. AdriaenssensKnowledge-based macroinvertebrate habitat suitability models for use in ecological river management15/10/2004
K. Cao-VanSupervised ranking: from semantics to algorithms21/11/2003
E. DucheyneMultiple objective forest management using GIS and genetic optimization techniques15/09/2003
H. NaessensAlgoritmische aspecten van de transitieve benadering van vaagrelaties25/02/2002
V. BoevaDempster-Shafer theory in modal logic15/05/2000
B. Van de WalleThe existence and characterization of fuzzy preference structures08/11/1996