Mission Statement
KERMIT (acronym for Knowledge Extraction, Representation and Management by means of Intelligent Techniques) is a young interdisciplinary team of mathematicians, engineers and computer scientists initiated by Bernard De Baets in 2000. KERMIT is a partner of the iKnow consortium.

KERMIT draws upon intelligent techniques resulting from the cross-fertilization between the fields of computational intelligence and operations research. The main focus is on mathematical and computational aspects of relational structures as knowledge instruments, with emphasis on the fields of fuzzy set theory and machine learning. Particular attention goes to the modelling of imprecision and uncertainty.

KERMIT serves as an attraction pole for applications in the applied biological sciences, and serves colleagues in hydrology, ecology, bacterial taxonomy, genome analysis, integrated water management, geographical information systems, forest management, metabolic engineering, soil science, bioinformatics, plant systems biology, etc.