Gold medal for student entry at the iGEM competition in Boston

IGEM AWARDS In the fall of 2016, students of the master of bioinformatics participated in the prestigious international Genetically Engineered Machine (iGEM) competition in Boston. They presented the Dewpal project, a water collector that combines 3D printing, materials science and biotechnology. KERMIT members Michiel Stock (teaching assistant) and Bram De Jaegher (former bachelor and master thesis student) joined. They were responsible for designing the 3D structure and measuring the amount of water collected.

In November the project was presented at the annual iGEM Jamboree. The Dewpal was well received and was awarded with a gold medal and ended in second place for the measurement award. A movie (dutch) explaining the project in layman terms can be found here:

Interview with Michiel Stock in The Word Magazine