Journal Papers (ISI)

Biblio logo(31) Using the relation ontology Metarel for modelling Linked Data as multi-digraphs
W. Blondé, E. Antezana, V. Mironov, S. Schulz, M. Kuiper and B. De Baets
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Biblio logo(29) Identification of functionally-related enzymes by learning-to-rank methods and cavity-based similarity measures
M. Stock, T. Fober, E. Hüllermeier, S. Glinca, G. Klebe, T. Pahikkala, A. Airola, B. De Baets and W. Waegeman
Biblio logo(28) Cycle-free cuts of mutual rank probability relations
K. De Loof, B. De Baets and H. De Meyer
(2014) KYBERNETIKA. 50, 814-837.
Biblio logo(27) On Arrow–Sen style equivalences between rationality conditions for fuzzy choice functions
D. Martinetti, S. Montes, S. Díaz and B. De Baets
Biblio logo(26) Milk fatty acids as possible biomarkers to early diagnose elevated concentration of blood plasma non-esterified fatty acids in dairy cows
S. Jorjong, A.T.M. van Knegsel, J. Verwaeren, M. Val Lahoz, B. De Baets, B. Kemp, R.M. Bruckmaier and V. Fievez
(2014) JOURNAL OF DAIRY SCIENCE. 97, 7054-7064.
Biblio logo(25) ROC-based calibration of flood inundation models
G. Schumann, H. Vernieuwe, B. De Baets and N.E.C. Verhoest
(2014) HYDROLOGICAL PROCESSES. 28, 5495-5502.
Biblio logo(24) Multi-criteria anomaly detection in urban noise sensor networks
S. Dauwe, D. Oldoni, B. De Baets, T. Van Renterghem, D. Botteldooren and B. Dhoedt
Biblio logo(23) DAIRRy-BLUP: A high performance computing approach for genomic prediction
A. De Coninck, J. Fostier, S. Maenhout and B. De Baets
(2014) GENETICS. 197, 813-822.
Biblio logo(22) Prediction of ultrafine particle number concentrations in urban environments by means of Gaussian process regression based on measurements of nitrogen oxides
M. Reggente, J. Peters, J. Theunis, M. Van Poppel, M. Rademaker, P. Kumar and B. De Baets
Biblio logo(21) Ortholinear and paralinear semi-copulas
T. Jwaid, B. De Baets and H. De Meyer
(2014) FUZZY SETS AND SYSTEMS. 252, 76-98.
Biblio logo(20) Modelling the spatial distribution of Culicoides imicola: climatic versus remote sensing data
J. Van doninck, B. De Baets J. Peters, G. Hendrickx, E. Ducheyne, N.E.C. Verhoest
(2014) REMOTE SENSING. 6, 6604-6419.
Biblio logo(19) Assessing hydrologic prediction uncertainty resulting from soft land cover classification
L. Loosvelt, B. De Baets, V.R.N. Pauwels and N.E.C. Verhoest
(2014) JOURNAL OF HYDROLOGY. 517, 411-424.
Biblio logo(18) Practical computing with interactive fuzzy variables
K. Scheerlinck, H. Vernieuwe, N.E.C. Verhoest and B. De Baets
(2014) APPLIED SOFT COMPUTING. 22, 518-527.
Biblio logo(17) Predicting spatio-temporal Culicoides imicola distributions based on environmental habitat characteristics and species dispersal
J. Peters, W. Waegeman, J. Van doninck, E. Ducheyne, C. Calvete, J. Lucientes, N.E.C. Verhoest and B. De Baets
Biblio logo(16) A framework for edge detection based on relief functions
C. López-Molina, B. De Baets and H. Bustince
(2014) INFORMATION SCIENCES. 278, 127-140.
Biblio logo(15) Cyclist exposure to UFP and BC on urban routes in Antwerp, Belgium
J. Peters, J. Van den Bossche, M. Reggente, M. Van Poppel, B. De Baets and J. Theunis
Biblio logo(14) Bimigrativity of binary aggregation functions
C. López-Molina, B. De Baets, H. Bustince, E. Induráin, A. Stupnanová and R. Mesiar
(2014) INFORMATION SCIENCES. 274, 225–235.
Biblio logo(13) Best-possible bounds on the set of copulas with given degree of non-exchangeability
G. Beliakov, B. De Baets, H. De Meyer, R.B. Nelsen and M. Úbeda-Flores
(2014) J. MATH. ANAL. APPL.. 417, 451-468.
Biblio logo(12) Seasonality in the angular dependence of ASAR Wide Swath backscatter
J. Van doninck, W. Wagner, T. Melzer, B. De Baets and N.E.C. Verhoest
Biblio logo(11) On the relation between soil moisture dynamics and the geographical distribution of Culicoides imicola
J. Peters, A. Conte, J. Van doninck, N.E.C. Verhoest, E. De Clercq, M. Goffredo, B. De Baets, G. Hendrickx and E. Ducheyne
(2014) ECOHYDROLOGY. 7, 622-632.
Biblio logo(10) Modeling pitting corrosion by means of a 3D discrete stochastic model
P. Van der Weeën, A.M. Zimer, E.C. Pereira, O.M. Bruno, L.H. Mascaro and B. De Baets
(2014) CORROSION SCIENCE. 82, 133-144.
Biblio logo(9) Closing reciprocal relations w.r.t. stochastic transitivity
S. Freson, B. De Baets and H. De Meyer
(2014) FUZZY SETS AND SYSTEMS. 241, 2-26.
Biblio logo(8) On the role of acyclicity in the study of rationality of fuzzy choice functions
D. Martinetti, B. De Baets, S. Díaz and S. Montes
(2014) FUZZY SETS AND SYSTEMS. 239, 35-50.
Biblio logo(7) StrainInfo introduces electronic passports for microorganisms
B. Verslyppe, W. De Smet, B. De Baets, P. De Vos and P. Dawyndt
Biblio logo(6) Knowledge discovery in choreographic data using relative motion matrices and dynamic time warping
S.H. Chavoshi, B. De Baets, T. Neutens, H. Ban, O. Ahlqvist, G. De Tré and N. Van de Weghe
(2014) APPLIED GEOGRAPHY. 47, 111-124.
Biblio logo(5) Granularity of attributes in formal concept analysis
R. Belohlavek, B. De Baets and J. Konecny
(2014) INFORMATION SCIENCES. 260, 149-170.
Biblio logo(4) A model library for dynamic transport and fate of micropollutants in integrated urban wastewater and stormwater systems
L. Vezzaro, L. Benedetti, V. Gevaert, W. De Keyser, F. Verdonck, B. De Baets, I. Nopens, F. Cloutier, P.A. Vanrolleghem and P.S. Mikkelsen
Biblio logo(3) A ranking procedure based on a natural monotonicity constraint
M. Rademaker and B. De Baets
(2014) INFORMATION FUSION. 17, 74-82.
Biblio logo(2) Effect of initial headspace oxygen level on growth and volatile metabolite production by the specific spoilage microorganisms of fresh-cut pineapple
B.-Y. Zhang, S. Samapundo, M. Rademaker, B. Noseda, Q. Denon, I. de Baenst, G. Sürengil, B. De Baets and F. Devlieghere
(2014) LWT - FOOD SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY. 55, 224-231.
Biblio logo(1) On the impact of anisotropic diffusion on edge detection
C. Lopez-Molina, M. Galar, H. Bustince and B. De Baets
(2014) PATTERN RECOGNITION. 47, 270-281.