Journal Papers (ISI)

Biblio logo(5) Cellular automata on irregular tessellations
J.M. Baetens and B. De Baets
(2012) DYNAMICAL SYSTEMS. 27, 411-430.
Biblio logo(4) Modelling the degradation kinetics of vitamin C in fruit juice in relation to the initial headspace oxygen concentration
I. Van Bree, J.M. Baetens, S. Samapundo, F. Devlieghere, R. Laleman, I. Vandekinderen, B. Noseda, R. Xhaferi, B. De Baets and B. De Meulenaer
(2012) FOOD CHEMISTRY. 134, 207-214.
Biblio logo(3) Modeling the photocatalytic degradation of moxifloxacin by means of a stochastic cellular automaton
P. Van der Weeën, J.M. Baetens, J. Verwaeren, X. Van Doorslaer, P.M. Heynderickx, J. Dewulf and B. De Baets
Biblio logo(2) An empirical analysis of explanatory variables affecting Fusarium head blight infection and deoxynivalenol content in wheat
S. Landschoot, W. Waegeman, K. Audenaert, J. Vandepitte, J.M. Baetens, B. De Baets and G. Haesaert
(2012) JOURNAL OF PLANT PATHOLOGY. 94, 135-147.
Biblio logo(1) Effect of asynchronous updating on the stability of cellular automata
J.M. Baetens, P. Van der Weeën and B. De Baets
(2012) CHAOS, SOLITONS AND FRACTALS. 45, 383-394.