Journal Papers (ISI)

Biblio logo(2) The role of Helicobacter suis, Fusobacterium gastrosuis, and the pars oesophageal microbiota in gastric ulceration in slaughter pigs receiving meal or pelleted feed
E. Taillieu, S. Taelman, S. De Bruyckere, E. Goossens, I. Chantziaras, C. Van Steenkiste, P. Yde, S. Hanssens, D. De Meyer, W. Van Criekinge, M. Stock, D. Maes, K. Chiers and F. Haesebrouck
Biblio logo(1) PhaLP: A database for the study of phage lytic proteins and their evolution
B. Criel, S. Taelman, W. Van Criekinge, M. Stock and Y. Briers
(2021) VIRUSES. 13, 1240.