Journal Papers (ISI)

Biblio logo(4) A transitivity analysis of bipartite rankings in pairwise multi-class classification
W. Waegeman and B. De Baets
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Biblio logo(3) On the role of cost-sensitive learning in multi-class brain-computer interfaces
D. Devlaminck, W. Waegeman, B. Wyns, G. Otte and P. Santens
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Biblio logo(2) Learning intransitive reciprocal relations with kernel methods
T. Pahikkala, W. Waegeman, E. Tsivtsivadze, T. Salakoski and B. De Baets
(2010) EUROPEAN J. OPER. RES.. 206, 676-685.
Biblio logo(1) From learning taxonomies to phylogenetic learning: integration of 16S rRNA gene data into FAME-based bacterial classification
B. Slabbinck, W. Waegeman, P. Dawyndt, P. De Vos and B. De Baets
(2010) BMC BIOINFORMATICS. 11, 69.