Journal Papers

Biblio logo(3) Stripping flow cytometry: how many detectors do we need for bacterial identification?
P. Rubbens, R. Props, C. Garcia-Timmermans, N. Boon and W. Waegeman
(2017) CYTOMETRY PART A. 91, 1184-1191.
Biblio logo(2) Flow cytometric single-cell identification of populations in synthetic bacterial communities
P. Rubbens, R. Props, N. Boon and W. Waegeman
(2017) PLOS ONE. 12, e0169754.
Biblio logo(1) Absolute quantification of microbial taxon abundances
R. Props, F-M. Kerckhof, P. Rubbens, J. De Vrieze, E. Hernandez Sanabria, W. Waegeman, P. Monsieurs, F. Hammes and N. Boon
(2017) THE ISME JOURNAL. 11, 584-587.