Journal Papers (ISI)

Biblio logo(6) Assessing the effects of non-pharmaceutical interventions on SARS-CoV-2 transmission by means of an extended SEIQRD model and public mobility data  
T.W. Alleman, J. Vergeynst, L. De Visscher, M. Rollier, D. Illana, E. Torfs, I. Nopens and J.M. Baetens
(2021) EPIDEMICS. 37, 100505.
Biblio logo(5) Cost-effectiveness of COVID-19 policy measures: a systematic review
S. Vandepitte, T.W. Alleman, I. Nopens, J.M. Baetens, S. Coenen and D. De Smedt
(2021) VALUE IN HEALTH. 24, 1551-1569.
Biblio logo(4) Two-dimensional rotation-symmetric number-conserving cellular automata
A. Dzedzej, B. Wolnik, A. Nenca, J.M. Baetens and B. De Baets
(2021) INFORMATION SCIENCES. 577, 599-621.
Biblio logo(3) Unravelling the natural durability of wood: revealing the impact of decay-influencing characteristics other than fungicidal components
L. De Ligne, J. Van den Bulcke, J.M. Baetens, B. De Baets, G. Wang, I. De Windt, H. Beeckman and J. Van Acker
(2021) HOLZFORSCHUNG. 75, 368-378.
Biblio logo(2) Untangling the mechanisms of cryptic species coexistence in a nematode community through individual-based modelling
A.J. Daly, N. De Meester, J.M. Baetens, T. Moens and B. De Baets
(2021) OIKOS. 130, 587-600.
Biblio logo(1) Oceanic response to the consecutive Hurricanes Dorian and Humberto (2019) in the Sargasso Sea
D. Avila-Alonso, J.M. Baetens, R. Cardenas and B. De Baets