Journal Papers (ISI)

Biblio logo(3) SmartWoodID—an image collection of large end-grain surfaces to support wood identifcation systems
R. De Blaere, K. Lievens, D. Van Hassel, V. Deklerck, T. De Mil, W. Hubau, J. Van Acker, N. Bourland, J. Verwaeren, J. Van den Bulcke and H. Beeckman
(2023) DATABASE. 2023, 1-12.
Biblio logo(2) Exploring image processing tools to unravel complex 1H−13C heteronuclear single-quantum correlation nuclear magnetic resonance spectra: a demonstration for pyrolysis liquids
S. Ghysels, J. Verwaeren, H.J. Heeres, L. Rohrbach, S. Backx, S. Mangelinckx and F. Ronsse
(2023) ENERGY & FUELS. 37, 4446-4459.
Biblio logo(1) Combining natural language processing and multidimensional classifiers to predict and correct CMMS metadata
A. Deloose, G. Gysels, B. De Baets and J. Verwaeren
(2023) COMPUTERS IN INDUSTRY. 145, 103830.