Journal Papers (ISI)

Biblio logo(4) The specific capsule depolymerase of phage PMK34 sensitizes Acinetobacter baumannii to serum killing
K.A.S. Abdelkader, D.G. Fernandez, A. Łątka, D. Boeckaerts, Z. Drulis-Kawa, B. Criel, H. Gerstmans, A. Safaan, A.S. Khairalla, Y. Gaber, T. Dishisha and Y. Briers
(2022) ANTIOBIOTICS-BASEL. 11, 677.
Biblio logo(3) Machine learning to assist in large-scale, activity-based synthetic cannabinoid receptor agonist screening of serum samples
L. Janssens, D. Boeckaerts, S. Hudson, D. Morozova, A. Cannaert, D.M. Wood, C. Wolfe, B. De Baets, M. Stock, P.I. Dargan and C.P. Stove
(2022) CLINICAL CHEMISTRY. 68, 906-916.
Biblio logo(2) Identification of phage receptor-binding protein sequences with hidden Markov models and an extreme gradient boosting classifier
D. Boeckaerts, M. Stock, B. De Baets and Y. Briers
(2022) VIRUSES. 14, 1329.
Biblio logo(1) Digital phagograms: predicting phage infectivity through a multi-layer machine learning approach
C. Lood, D. Boeckaerts, M. Stock, B. De Baets, R. Lavigne, V. Van Noort and Y. Briers
(2022) CURRENT OPINION IN VIROLOGY. 52, 174-181.