De Baets Bernard
@KERMIT, office 110.070
(+32) 9 264.59.41

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Research Interests: Knowledge-based, predictive and spatio-temporal modelling​

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Journal papers

Biblio logo(11) Ranking of admissible alternatives in interval decision making
V. Boeva, B. De Baets and E. Tsiporkova
(2005) INTERNAT. J. SYSTEMS SCIENCE. 36, 897-907.
Biblio logo(10) Isomorphic continuous connectives in fuzzy logic
K. Maes and B. De Baets
Biblio logo(9) Cycle-transitive comparison of independent random variables
B. De Schuymer, H. De Meyer and B. De Baets
(2005) J. MULTIVARIATE ANALYSIS. 96, 352-373.
Biblio logo(8) Tree-based versus distance-based key recognition in musical audio
G. Martens, H. De Meyer, B. De Baets, M. Leman, J.-P. Martens and M. Lesaffre
(2005) SOFT COMPUTING. 9, 565-574.
Biblio logo(7) The unique role of the Lukasiewicz-triplet in the theory of fuzzified normal forms
K. Maes, B. De Baets and J. Fodor
(2005) FUZZY SETS AND SYSTEMS. 153, 161-179.
Biblio logo(6) Facts and figures on fuzzified normal forms
K. Maes and B. De Baets
Biblio logo(5) SpliceMachine: Predicting splice sites from high-dimensional local context representations
S. Degroeve, Y. Saeys, B. De Baets, Y. Van de Peer and P. Rouze
(2005) BIOINFORMATICS. 21, 1332-1338.
Biblio logo(4) Transitivity frameworks for reciprocal relations: cycle-transitivity versus FG-transitivity
B. De Baets and H. De Meyer
(2005) FUZZY SETS AND SYSTEMS. 152, 249-270.
Biblio logo(3) The complete linkage clustering algorithm revisited
P. Dawyndt, H. De Meyer and B. De Baets
(2005) SOFT COMPUTING. 9, 385-392.
Biblio logo(2) Transitivity-preserving fuzzification schemes for cardinality-based similarity measures
B. De Baets and H. De Meyer
(2005) EUROPEAN J. OPER. RES.. 160, 726-740.
Biblio logo(1) Comparison of data-driven Takagi-Sugeno models of rainfall-discharge dynamics
H. Vernieuwe, O. Georgieva, B. De Baets, V.R.N. Pauwels, N.E.C Verhoest and F.P. De Troch
(2005) J. OF HYDROLOGY. 302, 173-186.