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Research Interests: Knowledge-based, predictive and spatio-temporal modelling​

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Journal papers

Biblio logo(33) Quo vadis, agent-based modelling tools?
A.J. Daly, L. De Visscher, J.M. Baetens and B. De Baets
Biblio logo(32) A complete description of the dynamics of legal outer-totalistic affine continuous cellular automata
B. Wolnik, M. Dembowski, A. Augustynowicz and B. De Baets
(2022) NONLINEAR DYNAMICS. 110, 589-610.
Biblio logo(31) Idempotent uninorms on a complete chain
Y. Ouyang, H.-P. Zhang, Z. Wang and B. De Baets
(2022) FUZZY SETS AND SYSTEMS. 448, 107-126.
Biblio logo(30) Joint global metric learning and local manifold preservation for scene recognition
C. Wang, G. Peng and B. De Baets
(2022) INFORMATION SCIENCES. 610, 938-956.
Biblio logo(29) Ordinal classification with a spectrum of information sources
M. Tang, R. Pérez-Fernández and B. De Baets
Biblio logo(28) Adaptive scoping: balancing short- and long-term genetic gain in plant breeding
D. Vanavermaete, J. Fostier, S. Maenhout and B. De Baets
(2022) EUPHYTICA. 218, 109.
Biblio logo(27) Moisture dynamics of wood-based panels and wood fibre insulation materials
L. De Ligne, J. Van Acker, J.M. Baetens, S. Omar, B. De Baets, L. Thygesen, J. Van den Bulcke and E.E. Thybring
(2022) FRONTIERS IN PLANT SCIENCE. 13, 951175.
Biblio logo(26) Qualitative team formation analysis in football: a case study of the 2018 FIFA World Cup
J. Beernaerts, B. De Baets, M. Lenoir and N. Van de Weghe
(2022) FRONTIERS IN PSYCHOLOGY. 13, 863216.
Biblio logo(25) Machine learning to assist in large-scale, activity-based synthetic cannabinoid receptor agonist screening of serum samples
L. Janssens, D. Boeckaerts, S. Hudson, D. Morozova, A. Cannaert, D.M. Wood, C. Wolfe, B. De Baets, M. Stock, P.I. Dargan and C.P. Stove
(2022) CLINICAL CHEMISTRY. 68, 906-916.
Biblio logo(24) Covering the combinatorial design space of multiplex CRISPR/Cas experiments in plants
K. Van Huffel, M. Stock, T. Ruttink and B. De Baets
(2022) FRONTIERS IN PLANT SCIENCE. 13, 907095.
Biblio logo(23) Lifting associative operations on subposets of a complete lattice
Y. Dan and B. De Baets
(2022) FUZZY SETS AND SYSTEMS. 441, 286-309.
Biblio logo(22) Identification of phage receptor-binding protein sequences with hidden Markov models and an extreme gradient boosting classifier
D. Boeckaerts, M. Stock, B. De Baets and Y. Briers
(2022) VIRUSES. 14, 1329.
Biblio logo(21) Improved wood species identification based on multi-view imagery of the three anatomical planes
N. Rosa da Silva, V. Deklerck, J.M. Baetens, J. Van den Bulcke, M. De Ridder, M. Rousseau, O. Martinez Bruno, H. Beeckman, J. Van Acker, B. De Baets and J. Verwaeren
(2022) PLANT METHODS. 18, 79.
Biblio logo(20) Bipolar equations on complete distributive symmetric residuated lattices: The case of a join-irreducible right-hand side
M.E. Cornejo, D. Lobo, J. Medina and B. De Baets
(2022) FUZZY SETS AND SYSTEMS. 442, 92-108.
Biblio logo(19) Studying the spatio-temporal dynamics of wood decay with X-ray CT scanning
L. De Ligne, A. De Muynck, J. Caes, J.M. Baetens, B. De Baets, L. Van Hoorebeke, J. Van Acker and J. Van den Bulcke
(2022) HOLZFORSCHUNG. 76, 408-420.
Biblio logo(18) Equivalent electrical circuits and their use across electrochemical impedance spectroscopy application domains
M. Van Haeverbeke, M. Stock and B. De Baets
(2022) IEEE ACCESS. 10, 51363-51379.
Biblio logo(17) Embedding metric learning into an extreme learning machine for scene recognition
C. Wang, G. Peng and B. De Baets
Biblio logo(16) A complete representation theorem for nullnorms on bounded lattices with ample illustrations
H.-P. Zhang, Y. Ouyang, Z. Wang and B. De Baets
(2022) FUZZY SETS AND SYSTEMS. 439, 157-169.
Biblio logo(15) Nullnorms on bounded lattices constructed by means of closure and interior operators
Y. Dan, B.Q. Hu and B. De Baets
(2022) FUZZY SETS AND SYSTEMS. 439, 142-156.
Biblio logo(14) On triangular norms representable as ordinal sums based on interior operators on a bounded meet semilattice
Y. Ouyang, H.-P. Zhang, Z. Wang and B. De Baets
(2022) FUZZY SETS AND SYSTEMS. 439, 89-101.
Biblio logo(13) Day versus night use of forest by red and roe deer as determined by Corine Land Cover and Copernicus Tree Cover Density
M. Salvatori, J. De Groeve, E. van Loon, B. De Baets, N. Morellet, S. Focardi, N. Bonnot, B. Gehr, M. Griggio, M. Heurich, M. Kroeschel, A. Licoppe, P. Moorcroft, L. Pedrotti, J. Signer, N. Van de Weghe and F. Cagnacci
(2022) LANDSCAPE ECOLOGY. 37, 1453-1468.
Biblio logo(12) Impact of bias nonstationarity on the performance of uni- and multivariate bias-adjusting methods: a case study on data from Uccle, Belgium
J. Van de Velde, M. Demuzere, B. De Baets and N.E.C. Verhoest
Biblio logo(11) Multi-target prediction for dummies using two-branch neural networks
D. Iliadis, B. De Baets and W. Waegeman
(2022) MACHINE LEARNING. 111, 651-684.
Biblio logo(10) The Hukuhara difference, gH-difference and gh-division are not inclusion isotonic
T.M. Costa, W.A. Lodwick and B. De Baets
(2022) FUZZY SETS AND SYSTEMS. 435, 44-54.
Biblio logo(9) Hybrid differential equations: integrating mechanistic and data-driven techniques for modelling of water systems
W. Quaghebeur, E. Torfs, B. De Baets and I. Nopens
(2022) WATER RESOURCES. 213, 118166.
Biblio logo(8) Class-specific discriminative metric learning for scene recognition
C. Wang, G. Peng and B. De Baets
(2022) PATTERN RECOGNITION. 126, 1085899.
Biblio logo(7) Maximal directions of monotonicity of an aggregation function
B. De Baets and H. De Meyer
(2022) FUZZY SETS AND SYSTEMS. 433, 54-78.
Biblio logo(6) Interspecies interactions of the 2,6-dichlorobenzamide (BAM) degrading Aminobacter sp. MSH1 with resident sandfilter bacteria: indications for mutual cooperative interactions that improve BAM mineralization activity
J. Vandermaesen, S. Du, A.J. Daly, J.M. Baetens, B. Horemans, B. De Baets, N. Boon and D. Springael
Biblio logo(5) BioCCP.jl: Collecting Coupons in combinatorial biotechnology
K. Van Huffel, M. Stock and B. De Baets
(2022) BIOINFORMATICS. 38, 1144-1145.
Biblio logo(4) Digital phagograms: predicting phage infectivity through a multi-layer machine learning approach
C. Lood, D. Boeckaerts, M. Stock, B. De Baets, R. Lavigne, V. Van Noort and Y. Briers
(2022) CURRENT OPINION IN VIROLOGY. 52, 174-181.
Biblio logo(3) A representation of nullnorms on a bounded lattice in terms of beam operations
H.-P. Zhang, Z. Wang, Y. Ouyang and B. De Baets
(2022) FUZZY SETS AND SYSTEMS. 427, 149-160.
Biblio logo(2) A characterization of idempotent nullnorms on bounded lattices
H.-P. Zhang, Y. Ouyang, Z. Wang and B. De Baets
(2022) INFORMATION SCIENCES. 586, 676-687.
Biblio logo(1) Reversibility of number-conserving 1D cellular automata: unlocking insights into the dynamics for larger state sets
B. Wolnik, M. Dziemiańczuk, A. Dzedzej and B. De Baets